Pediatrics Rotation | My Experience + Tips

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I just finished my pediatrics rotation, and I thought I got through it without catching something…but nope. A day after finishing my rotation, I came down with a cold! A gift from the little kiddos, I suppose…ha! 


I didn’t think that I would enjoy my pediatrics rotation, but I did. There were so many cute babies (but also annoying kids and parents)! It was cool to see the pediatric illnesses and conditions that we learned about in person. I saw patients with Fifth disease, impetigo, nursemaid's elbow, molluscum contagiosum, pinworms, erythema toxicum, and mongolian spots. I also gave a lot of vaccines, which was great since I was never able to do that during my previous rotations. There is a CDC Immunization Schedule app that you can use to quickly look up which vaccines are due. I didn't personally use it because I memorized the CDC immunization schedule for the EOR exam anyway. 

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