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Sunday, June 18, 2017

I just finished my pediatrics rotation, and I thought I got through it without catching something…but nope. A day after finishing my rotation, I came down with a cold! A gift from the little kiddos, I suppose…ha! 


I didn’t think that I would enjoy my pediatrics rotation, but I did. There were so many cute babies (but also annoying kids and parents)! It was cool to see the pediatric illnesses and conditions that we learned about in person. I saw patients with Fifth disease, impetigo, nursemaid's elbow, molluscum contagiosum, pinworms, erythema toxicum, and mongolian spots. I also gave a lot of vaccines, which was great since I was never able to do that during my previous rotations. There is a CDC Immunization Schedule app that you can use to quickly look up which vaccines are due. I didn't personally use it because I memorized the CDC immunization schedule for the EOR exam anyway. 

Some tips for the pediatric physical exam that I found helpful:

1. Have the child sit on the parent's lap // This will make the child feel more comfortable. For infants, the parent may hold him or her. This tip will obviously not work for certain parts of the exam, such as the abdominal exam.

2. Do the heart and lung exam first // This part of the exam tends to be less stressful and threatening to children, and of course you need the child to be quiet during this part. If you do more threatening portions of the exam first (see next tip), the child may start to scream and cry and you will not be able to auscultate the heart and lungs accurately. 

3. Save the worst for last! // The HEENT part of the exam often leads to screaming and crying children, so save it for the end!

As for studying for the EOR exam, I used the PANCE Prep Pearls Pediatrics chapter, Case Files Pediatrics, and old lectures from didactic year. Make sure to know your pediatric rashes because there is a lot of dermatology on the exam. This was my last EOR exam since my last two rotations are my electives (dermatology and plastic surgery)! 

One more rotation down, two to go! 


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